Phelan O'Reilly

Professional Boxer


Large, heavily built man. He looks like he works out a lot and has been in a lot of fights.


Phelan was born in New York, the 2nd of 3 children. His brother was older, but Phelan was the strong one. Sure his brother was the smart one and everyone loved him, but what good did brains do you when a bully was picking on you? Phelan learned to fight, and he was good at it. So good he made a career out of it when he quit school and became a professional boxer.

He made a name for himself and his manager, Micky McDoogal booked him a big fight. He was to go to London and fight there. He wasn’t fighting just for himself this time, he was fighting for America. Unfortunately he lost. At least he didn’t embarrass himself. If it wasn’t for that jet lag…

Phelan O'Reilly

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